Demonic Resurrection Announces New Merchandise

Demonic Resurrection Releases New Merchandise. Here’s what they have in store for you:

Canvas Shoes:










The Demonstealer says, “I’ve always been attacked by naysayers and haters over the years for taking the initiative with Demonic Resurrection and creating merchandise that other bands in India either don’t do by choice or for whatever other reason. I’ve never let this deter me because bands from all over the world create amazing merch right from t-shirts to wristbands, patches, wine, beer, pasta, lunchboxes, baby clothes, lighters, coasters, keychains etc.

So once again I’ve taken the initiative to do something different and this is probably the first for an Indian metal band. I’m proud to be working with Rivir and now we have the first ever DR Canvas Shoes on sale now. Really stoked!!!”

Those who want to order a pair can do so here. Click here to view more pictures

The Demon King T-Shirt:














The Demonstealer quotes, “After a whole freaking year of trying different printers, samples, rejects etc we got our BLACK t-shirt of THE DEMON KING ready and available”

Interested buyers can click here.

Phone Covers:

The phone covers are back in stock and can be ordered here.